County contributes to improve tax relief for low-income elderly

Beginning with this fiscal year, Bedford County government is now matching the State of Tennessee’s property tax relief program for low-income elderly homeowners. 

Since 1976, the state program has provided assistance to property owners in four classifications:

•    Elderly homeowners (65 and over as of Dec. 31, 2023) -- This is the category that will benefit from the county’s matching funds starting this year.
•    Disabled homeowners (disabled before Dec. 31, 2023)

For the first two categories, the homeowner and spouse/co-owner must have a maximum 2022 income of $33,460, and tax relief is only calculated based on up to $30,900 of market value.

•    Disabled veterans (totally and permanently disabled due to service-related injury)
•    Widows/widowers of disabled veterans (married to the veteran at the time of the veteran’s death, and not remarried)

For these two categories, there is no income requirement, and the tax relief is calculated based on up to $175,000 in market value.

For any of the four categories, the applicant must own the home for which relief is sought and use it as their primary residence.

You can apply for relief starting when you receive your 2023 property tax bill, and applications can be filed until 35 days after the delinquency date. Apply at the office of Bedford County Trustee Tonya Davis, on the first floor of Bedford County Courthouse Annex (the white building on the west side of the Shelbyville square). 

County residents were previously eligible for state assistance, but the inclusion of funds in this year’s county budget doubles the amount of actual relief that low-income elderly homeowners can receive.

County Mayor Chad Graham praised Bedford County Board of Commissioners for including the funds in this year’s budget, without an increase in the property tax on homeowners at large.

“We will continue to explore practical ways to keep property tax fair for all,” said Graham.

For more information and additional requirements, contact the Trustee's office at 931-684-4303 or .

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