Standing committees

Standing committees

State law provides for a period of public comment at local government meetings to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on matters that are germane to items on the agenda.  Any person interested to speak should:

  1. Record name and address on a sign-up sheet that will be provided, prior to meeting being called to order.
  2. When called upon, address comments to the Chairperson in a respectful manner.
  3. Limit remarks to three minutes for item(s) germane to the agenda.

Courthouse & Property Committee
Meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Bedford County Courthouse, immediately following the meetings of the rules committee and then the law enforcement committee. (The rules committee meets at 5 p.m.)

District 7 BedfordCo2022_JulieSanders
Julie Wells Sanders - Chair
(931) 580-5854
District 1 BedfordCo2022_DrewHooker
Drew Hooker
(931) 607-8899
District 3 BedfordCo2022_TroyThompson
Troy Thompson
(931) 580-0763
District 4 BedfordCo2022_DianeNeeley
Diane Neeley
(931) 607-8053
District 6 BedfordCo2022_AdamThomas
Adam Thomas
(615) 310-6011

Financial Management Committee
Meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 4:15 p.m. in Room 110 at Bedford County Business Complex, 200 Dover Street. The financial management committee functions as a standing committee of the county commission but is also provided for by state law as part of Bedford County's participation in the Financial Management Act of 1981.

County Mayor BedfordCo2022_ChadGraham
Chad Graham
(931) 684-7944
District 2 BedfordCo2022_TonySmith
Tony Smith
(931) 607-6140
District 3 BedfordCo2022_JaniceBrothers
Janice Brothers
(931) 703-5531
District 5 BedfordCo2022_ScottJohnson
Scott Johnson
(931) 639-2802
District 5 BedfordCo2022_LindaYockey
Linda Yockey
(931) 607-5875
Highway Superintendent BedfordCo2022_MarkClanton
Mark Clanton
(931) 684-4651
School Superintendent Tammy Garrett portrait
Tammy Garrett
(931) 684-3284

Law Enforcement Committee
Meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Bedford County Courthouse, immediately following the rules committee, which meets at 5 p.m.

District 9 BedfordCo2022_MarkThomas_B
Mark Thomas - Chair
(931) 580-9223
District 1 BedfordCo2022_EricMaddox
Eric Maddox
(615) 417-0078
District 7  BedfordCo2022_SylviaPinson
Sylvia Pinson
(931) 580-9696
District 8 BedfordCo2022_JasonBoyette
Jason Boyette
(931) 580-4413
County Mayor BedfordCo2022_ChadGraham
Chad Graham
(931) 684-7944

Rules & Legislative Committee
Meets on the third Tuesday of each month 5 p.m. at the Bedford County Courthouse. 

District 9 BedfordCo2022_BiffFarrar
P.T. "Biff" Farrar – Chair
(931) 684-2987
District 2 BedfordCo2022_GregoryVick
Greg Vick
(615) 210-7246
District 4 BedfordCo2022_AnitaEpperson
Anita Epperson
(931) 580-8907
District 6 BedfordCo2022_BillAnderson
Bill Anderson
(931) 607-8485
District 8 BedfordCo2022_JohnBoutwell
John Boutwell
(931) 607-9881

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