Animal Control

Animal Control


Our Purpose:

  • To provide essential animal services to the residents of Bedford County, excluding cities or towns, through the enforcement of animal-related codes as stated in the Tennessee Codes Annotated and Bedford County Animal Control Rules and Regulations.
  • To ensure the health and safety of the citizens of Bedford County.
  • To provide animal safety and educational programs.
  • To find solutions for animal-related problems through advice, consultation and/ or education.
  • To provide emergency and rescue services for animals.
  • To cooperate with the county health department through the enforcement of state laws and county rules and regulations regarding animals, especially with regard to the vaccination of dogs and cats against rabies and animals running at large.
  • To investigate abuse, cruelty, and/ or neglect of companion animals.
  • To investigate, in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Division, abuse, cruelty and/ or neglect of livestock animals.
  • To maintain an animal shelter that humanely houses animals taken into custody under state and local provisions, quarantine animals suspected of having rabies, and disposition shelter animals by adoption, redemption or humane euthanasia.

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205 Lane Parkway
Shelbyville TN 37160
(931) 685-1130

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