Chancery Court

Chancery Court

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Welcome to the Chancery & Probate Courts website for Bedford County. The Chancery Court for Tennessee's 17th Judicial District handles civil cases serving Bedford, Lincoln, Marshall and Moore Counties. This website was designed to assist users in navigating the court system.

17th Judicial District State of Tennessee
Chancellor J. B. Cox, Presiding
Clerk & Master, Curt M. Cobb

For an overview of the responsibilities of the Bedford County Chancery & Probate Courts please see the About Us page.

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The Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court, in addition to all the duties and powers conferred upon Clerks of the Courts generally and to various other special duties and powers, is "authorized to perform all the functions of Masters in Chancery, unless restrained by the provisions of law" so that they are both Clerk and Master (Tennessee Code Annotated 18-5-103).FOR TAXES "NOT" ON FILE IN OUR OFFICE PLEASE VISIT THE BEDFORD COUNTY TRUSTEE'S WEBSITE.Office Locations

Bedford County Clerk & Master's Office
108 Northcreek Drive - Suite 155
Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160
Phone:(931) 684-1672
Fax: (931) 680-0144

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