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phone:  931-685-1336

For more information about permits or to submit a permit application via email, the address is



The Bedford County Zoning Resolution was adopted in 1998. Building Codes enforcement began in the county in 2007 and the current building code, 2015 IRC/IBC, was adopted in 2018. Bedford County requires zoning and/or building permits for all new commercial and residential structures as well as for accessory structures such as swimming pools, both above and in-ground, home or building additions, porches, carports, detached garages, storage buildings, workshops, and barns, etc. 

The Codes Administration Department is vested with the authority to administer the adopted Building Code of Bedford County as well as to collect the adequate facilities tax on new construction and bedroom additions. We enforce adopted fire and building construction safety codes and standards to afford a reasonable degree of safety to life and property from fire and hazards incident to the design, construction, alteration, and repair of buildings and structures. Our primary mission is:

  • Safety of the public as occupants of buildings within the unincorporated areas of Bedford County, Tennessee.
  • “Better neighborhoods” through the administration and enforcement of Bedford County’s Zoning Code, to ensure orderly development of buildings and property.
  • Economic development, through timely permit and inspection processes.
  • Healthy economy through elevated property values to owners, by the adoption and enforcement of meaningful building code standards.

The adopted codes required that all work must be inspected at specific intervals during the construction process by certified building inspectors. It is the Building Permit Holder’s responsibility to request inspections and receive proper approvals from the Codes Department prior to moving to the next phase of construction. At the completion of the project, after all final inspections have been made and approved, the electrical service will be released by the power company.

The permit holder will receive a Certificate of Occupancy or notice of final inspection to authorize Use and Occupancy of the improvements. Bedford County has adopted the following building codes:

  • 2015 International Building Code (IBC)
  • 2009 International Energy Conservation 
    Code (IECC) 
  • 2015 International Residential Code (IRC)
  • 2015 International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC)
  • 2015 International Plumbing Code (IPC)
  • 2015 International Mechanical Code (IMC)

Building Codes Inspection Request

All work for requested inspections must be ready for inspection at the time the request is made. Requests should be made one day ahead, prior to 3pm. Exceptions MAY be made at the inspectors' discretion when same day inspections are needed, such as pre-pour inspections. Inspections occur Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

All inspection requests must include your name, a contact phone number, permit number, address and inspection type (i.e. slab prep, footing, post holes, framing, rough-in plumbing, pre-seal, insulation, final, pool, etc).

Please text all inspection request to the phone number printed at the bottom of your building permit when requesting inspections.

How to get a building permit

Our office is open to in-person visits. If you wish to apply for a permit remotely please submit all of your paperwork in a single  email in legible, PDF format to
You may also mail information to us.

Make checks payable and send all mail to:
Bedford County Codes Department
1 Public Square, Suite 301
Shelbyville, TN 37160

Permit process for all structures OTHER THAN A POOL:

The required documents you need to submit as part of your permit application are:

  • Permit Application Form
  • Tax Card & Tax Map available online from the Property Assessor’s Office (931-684-6390)  
  • The location of any existing structures and the proposed new structure drawn on the tax map of the property of where the work is being done.
  • Building Plans of Work Being Done (Accurate, detailed sketches may be accepted up to 5000 sqft)
  • Septic Permit/Verification (931-202-0552 Keith Shultz) - Required for new homes and mobile homes, re-building existing homes, or adding more bedrooms to an existing home.
  • Proof of Workers Compensation Coverage OR Exemption    This form is required if you are not a licensed contractor and are pulling a permit for your own personal property where you reside. Forms that require a notary must be signed and notarized and the original form mailed by US postal service to our office.
  • Invoice from Company required for new mobile homes, solar panels and ready built sheds.

Please read the checklist for pulling a permit for further information regarding setback lines.
If you are a licensed contractor, we require a copy of your TN state license and insurance information to be on file.

Adequate Facilities Tax (Bedford County School Tax)

An Adequate Facilities Tax is collected in The Bedford County Building Codes Department for all jurisdictions (including city jurisdictions). This is a one-time fee due prior to obtaining residential building permits. This tax is equal to $1.00 per conditioned square foot of living space. All of these funds are used by Bedford County Government to pay for debt on Bedford County schools or for the construction of new schools. Bedford County School Facility Tax Worksheet and Form are utilized to calculate the tax due. Builders please contact our office to request a multi-site form for neighborhood development. 

Development Tax receipts or approved exemptions are required to be submitted to the various municipal Code Departments prior to their own issuance of any building permit in those jurisdictions. The Bedford County Building Codes Department is responsible for collecting the Adequate Facilities Tax for Bedford County and for all Municipalities inside Bedford County.

NOTE:  Exempt buildings, such as religious or agricultural structures, can in some instances be subject to building permit issuance and approval. Prior to permit issuance, a site plan review or other approvals may also be required, such as evidence of water availability or a proper sewage disposal method. Construction activities by contractors must show proof of an active State Contractors License as well as a current workers compensation insurance certificate.

Plan review

A plan review by staff is required for all submitted permit applications. Stamped plans may be required for any structures that have design elements that exceed the limits of the adopted building code and for all commercial structures.

Applications are reviewed and processed on a first in- first out basis.  Occasionally we receive a high volume of permit applications which may delay permit processing times.  Please be sure to allow ample permit processing time when planning your project.

*NOTE:  *Prior to permit issuance, other approvals may also include approvals from State Fire Marshal’s Office, Planning Department, and State Environmental Department.

How to get a building permit for a swimming pool

Documents required as part of the pool permit application:

Forms that require a notary must be signed and notarized and the original form delivered either in-person or mailed by US postal service to our office.


Permits are issued from 8 am to 3 pm – except legal holidays – Monday through Friday.

Permits must be issued to the property owner or licensed contractor. Permits must be paid in full by check or exact cash at the time of issuance.

At the time of permit issuance each applicant is provided a checklist indicating the required inspections, with the information on how to make the request. You must have your Permit Number to request an inspection.

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