Other boards and committees

Other boards and committees

State law provides for a period of public comment at local government meetings to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on matters that are germane to items on the agenda.  Any person interested to speak should:

  1. Record name and address on a sign-up sheet that will be provided, prior to meeting being called to order.
  2. When called upon, address comments to the Chairperson in a respectful manner.
  3. Limit remarks to three minutes for item(s) germane to the agenda.

Agriculture & Education Center Board

Meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Bedford County Agriculture and Education Center.

1st District Josh Leverette 931-205-6890
2nd District David Moulder, vice president 931-580-3770
3rd District Steve Nash 559-269-0133
4th District Sam Jacobs 931-212-0611
5th District Michael Simons, secretary 931-580-3639
6th District Bill Anderson, president 931-607-8485
7th District George Johnson 931-639-4395
8th District Jeremy Wells 931-204-2500
9th District Robert Johnson 931-580-3690

Audit Committee

Bailey Little  931-684-7709
David Crowell  
SheLIa Orrell  
JoAnn  Fann 931-580-1030
Mike Bone 931-224-2663

The Local Government Modernization Act of 2005 encourages counties to form an audit committee, and the comptroller of the treasury may require it if a local government is not in compliance with Government Accounting and Standards Board (GASB) standards by June 30, 2008, or has recurring findings of a material weakness in internal control for three or more consecutive years. This committee is created by the county legislative body, which selects the members. The members of this committee must be external to the management and may be members of the county legislative body, citizens or a combination of both. Since the statute does not specify the number of members on this committee, this is determined by the county legislative body. The duties of this committee are to be established in a resolution approved first by the comptroller and then by the county legislative body. The audit committee's responsibilities include, at a minimum, financial and other reporting practices, internal control, compliance with laws and regulations and ethics. T.C.A. S 9-3-405.

Beer Board
Meets on an as-needed basis at 5 p.m. at Bedford County Courthouse, second floor courtroom.

Board Chairman Larry Joyce 931-607-6444
County Lisa Carden lcarden747@gmail.com
County Wayne Hart 931-308-8008
County Amy McCullough 931-224-3690
County Fredia Lusk 931-684-6772

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)
Meets the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. on the second floor of the historic Bedford County Courthouse, on the Shelbyville square. Meetings may be postponed or cancelled due to severe weather, lack of quorum or lack of official business.

Whit Lee - Chairperson 931-580-9054
Kennon Threet - Vice Chair 931-580-2141
Janice Brothers - Secretary 931-703-5531
Wayne Hart 931-306-8008
Greg Vick 615-210-7246

Building Code of Appeals (BCA)
The BCA does not meet regularly. It meets at the discretion of the Zoning Director on as as-needed basis.

Brent Pewitt 931-684-1887
Mike Vandergriff 931-684-5840
John Davis 931-684-7862
John Payne (N/A)
Mark Thomas 931-684-1105

E-911 Board
Meets the third Wednesday of every other month at 5:30 p.m. at 200 Dover Street, Suite 110 – Call the communications center's non-emergency number, 931-684-3411, for the schedule.

1st District Phillip Gentry 931-205-1683
2nd District Ted Cox 931-684-4403
3rd District Willie Douglas (N/A)
4th District Mickey Casson (N/A)
5th District Scott Johnson 931-684-5974
6th District Curt Cobb - Chair 931-684-1672
7th District Camron Farrell 931-607-6210
8th District Chris White - Vice Chair 931-685-1336
9th District Mark Thomas 931-684-9223

Board of Education
Meets the third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at the school system central offices, 500 Madison Street.

1st District David Brown 931-389-6722
2nd District Brian Crews, vice-chair  
3rd District Dan Reed 931-224-7579
4th District Lana Craig  
5th District Michael Cook, chair 931-680-9314
6th District Dr. Andrea Anderson 931-703-9032
7th District Barton Williams 931-703-5153
8th District Shanna Boyette 931-607-9887
9th District Glenn Forsee 931-684-4809

Election Commission

R Daniel Robbins-Chairman 931-684-6548
D Connie Crafton-Secretary 931-684-8281
R Maleah Claxton 931-680-0064
D Wayne Tucker 931-695-5133
R Bob York 931-684-7717
  Summer Leverette, Administrator 931-684-0531

EMS Board

Meet every 2nd Monday at 5:00PM each month at the EMS Operation Center, 119 Frank Martin Road.

1st District    
2nd District Jay Graham 931-580-2406
3rd District Larry Hasty - Chairman 931-294-5466
4th District Whitney Yoes 931-684-7167
7th District JoAnne Gaunt 931-684-9249

Shelbyville-Bedford County Public Library Board (at library website)

Planning Commission

The planning commission meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. on the second floor of the historic Bedford County Courthouse, on the square in Shelbyville. Meetings may be postponed or cancelled due to severe weather, lack of quorum or lack of official business.

Kennon Threet- Chairman 931-580-2141
Alan Gill - Vice Chair 931-684-9112
Linda Yockey - Secretary 931-607-5875
Larry Hasty 931-492-3632
Brent Stacey 931-703-4069
Lynn Kasicki 815-687-6795
Reid Farmer 615-330-7730
Jeff Sweeney 615-892-0599
Wayne Simons 931-580-9666
Jay Graham 931-580-2406
Steve Feldhaus  

Road Board

Meets quarterly, or at the call of the highway superintendent, at the highway department offices on Dover Street. Call 931-684-4651 for meeting schedule.

1st District Venson Hawkins 931-580-8484
2nd District Ricky Reed 931-580-4866
3rd District Brent Stacy 931-703-4069
4th District Robert McAnally, Vice Chair 931-639-0228
5th District Frank Bobo, Chair 615-604-6276
6th District David Gordon 931-580-8897
7th District Michael Sudberry 931-580-9868
8th District Dianne Clanton 931-703-9042
9th District Vacant  

Senior Citizens Center Board

Tammy Bearden 931-580-6249
Glinda Bell, Chair 313-681-0211
Tonya Davis 931-205-7826
Hazel Gant  931-205-1482
John Carney - Designated by Bedford County Mayor 931-684-7944
Marilyn Ewing - Designated by Shelbyville Mayor 931-639-1854
Joan Kelton 931-684-6318
Faye Lane 931-639-7204
Nancy Jensen 931-575-1566
Loretta Larson 931-808-1905
Barnett Payne 931-607-9965
Andrea Sublett 931-703-8255

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