Circuit Court Clerk

Circuit Court Clerk

Michelle Murray, Circuit Court Clerk

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The Circuit Court Clerk’s office handles all cases in Circuit Court that are bound over from the General Sessions Court and any cases that are presented directly to the Grand Jury. In Circuit Civil cases, this office handles all cases that are appealed from General Sessions to Circuit and all the cases that are filed when the amount of suit is over $25,000. Additional court cases that go through this office include child support, workman’s compensation and divorce.

General Sessions’ criminal cases that flow through this office are those from city police officers that could be a jailable offense; all county sheriff deputy cases that are generated through the Judicial Commissioners’ office; and all cases from state troopers.

General Sessions’ civil cases include all cases under $25,000. Examples of these are automobile accidents, unlawful detainer warrants and orders of protection.


Juvenile Court cases include those that involve a juvenile under 18 years of age. Examples are juvenile child support and any other cases that involved juveniles.

Office staff is: Julie Harris, Samantha Clark, Amanda Smith, George Marsh, Nicole Arnold, Lilly Smotherman, Steve Simmons, Julia Thompson, Karen Davis and Brenda Dugger.

All records in the Circuit Court office are open to the public with the exception of juvenile records. Fees are charged for copies of records.

The Clerk’s office is an office that keeps records of all criminal and civil cases in Circuit Court and in General Sessions Court. The clerk is responsible for keeping and maintaining all the records. The Clerk is responsible for being in court at all times to record everything that is said by the judge, and for getting the jury for trial when the judge sets the cases. When a case is appealed from a court of record, the Clerk is responsible for compiling the records needed for the appeal. It is very important that the records are well kept and maintained. The Clerk is also responsible for all fines and fees collected and judgments that have been paid to the court and this money is disbursed in a timely fashion.


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