Special Events

Special Events

Bedford County EMS can provide EMS standby resources for almost any size event located in our entire service area. We can supply one or more ambulance crews consisting of at the least a Paramedic and an EMT. At larger events where it may be difficult to get an ambulance to the scene, we have a Special Response Unit that is equipped to handle ALS emergencies including transport to the nearest ALS Ambulance.

Special Event Rates

Individual Rate - you require one medial person (1 Paramedic or 1 EMT). Billing Rate is $35/Hr with a Minimum 4 Hours.

Team Rate - you require a transport ambulance with 2 EMS team memebers. Billing Rate is $70/Hr with a Minimum 4 Hours.

Coverage exceeding 4 hours. Billing Rate is $35/Hr for individual coverage and $70/hr for team coverage, at quarter hour increments.

No set-up fees necessary.

Patient Transports: In the event that a patient is transported by Ambulance to a Hospital, the patient is responsible for payment for those services. Neither the facility nor the event sponsor will be billed for transport services directly.

Canellation Policy: In the event your event is cancelled due to inclement weather, we require that you contact EMS at 931-808-8013 or 931-580-4403 a minimum of 2 hours prior to the scheduled event time. Failure to provide notification will result in you being billed a minimum of 4 hours.

Note: In the event that there is no answer at theses numbers, please call Bedford County Communications at 931-684-3411 and ask them to relay the cancellation.

For more information contact Events

If your event is less than 3 weeks from the submission of this form, please call Brett Young at 931-684-4403.

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