State releases fiscal 'dashboard' for Bedford County's FY2022 budget

Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury has published graphics illustrating Bedford County's fiscal stability. The comptroller's figures indicate no concern with the county's cash on hand, saying that for the 2022 fiscal year, 49 percent of annual expenditures could have been paid with available cash -- the minimum target is 16 percent, and the state average is 53 percent.

A graphic showing that for Fiscal Year 2022, Bedford County had $13,221,320 cash on hand, with annual expenditures of $27,078,039. The county could have operated for 178 days with cash on hand.

The county's debt was $79,420,800, which was 6 percent of the $1,382,237,634 assessed value of the county's property. The target is for a county to have below 8 percent of its assessed value in debt, so Bedford County met the state's standard. The state average was 3 percent.

A graphic showing that Bedford County had $79,420,800 in debt for fiscal year 2022, with $1,382,237,634 in assessed value. The ratio of 6 percent debt to assessed value is within the 8 percent target set by the state, so there are no concerns.

This graph shows the 10-year comparison of the county's revenue, spending, cash, and ending fund balance.

A bar graph comparing the revenue, expenditures, cash, and ending fund balance for Bedford County for each of the 10 years leading up to FY 2022.

The FY 2023 budget was approved and had a state budget certificate, meaning it was approved and filed with the state on time, and had no issues during the state's review.

A graphic stating that Bedford County's fiscal year 2023 budget was approved by the state, submitted by the county on time and had no issues of concern.

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