Information on obtaining zoning permits within Bedford County

Obtaining a Zoning Permit

Zoning Permits

A zoning permit must be obtained before any construction or placement of any new structure, including prefabricated structures, or certain alterations to existing structures.

See a list of downloadable forms at the bottom of the Planning & Zoning home page.

Temporary Zoning Permits

Temporary zoning permits may be obtained for temporary events, such as festivals or music concerts, or for temporary structures such as RV’s or temporary medical hardship dwellings.

Zoning Regulations and Department Services

Bedford County Building Codes Department issues permits for the Bedford County’s unincorporated areas only (areas located outside of town or city limits). There are some exceptions:

Bedford County issues building permits for structures inside the town limits of Bell Buckle, however, Bell Buckle enforces its own zoning ordinance.

Wartrace enforces its own building codes and zoning ordinances.

Normandy has not adopted any zoning ordinances. Bedford County issues building permits for structures inside the corporate limits of Normandy.

Shelbyville has its own Building Codes Department and its own Planning & Zoning Office.

Zoning Compliance is required prior to the issuance of building permits in the Bedford County jurisdiction.

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