Tile request for driveway entrance

Tile request for driveway entrance

Steps to follow when requesting a driveway entrance:

  1. Mark the area where you would like the entrance with flags or markers.
  2. Complete the form below, or contact the department for a paper version. Submit completed paper forms to the department.
  3. A Bedford County highway supervisor will review the request and inspect the marked area.
  4. The supervisor will make note of the size of tile needed for the entrance and notify the applicant.
  5. It is the applicant's responsibility to purchase the suggested size galvanized tile and have it delivered to the location.
  6. Once the tile is delivered to the site, notify the department by calling 931-684-4651.
  7. Installation will be scheduled.

There is no charge for the installation of tile or the cover material used on the project. The applicant will be responsible for any further work done to continue the length of the entrance or driveway.

If you choose to install your tile without an inspection from the Highway Department, the department is in no way responsible to maintain or repair your entrance where it connects to the county road.

Tile Request Driveway Entrance

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