Our Mission

We, the employees of Bedford County Emergency Medical Services, are a committed health care team, working together in excellence. We will be attentive to our customer's needs and will always strive to provide continual improvement and efficient use of our resources by empowering and educating ourselves and others.

Bedford County EMS is a County owned Advanced Life Support Service. We currently operate 4 ALS units on a 24 on - 48 off schedule and 1 ALS unit on a 12-hr 2/2/3 schedule.

We respond to more than 7200 calls annually from 5 stations covering a geographic area of approximately 450 square miles. Seventy-five percent of our call volume originates in the City of Shelbyville, which has a population of approximately 21,591, with the remaining 28,122 population of Bedford County accounting for the remainder of calls.

An EMS Board governs BCEMS but the Director of EMS has ultimate responsibility for the Service. The Assistant Director is responsible for daily operations and supervises 3 shift captains. We currently have a full time staff of 34 EMTs and Paramedics. We utilize PRN EMTs and Paramedics to cover vacation and sick time. Our Administrative Assistants are responsible for insurance billing, collections, and accounts payable.

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