The Clerk & Master:

  • Issues letters of administration and testamentary
  • Receives and adjudicates all claims
  • Takes and states all accounts and settlements
  • Examines and files Small Estate Affidavits
  • Hears and determines all probate matters, as the Chancellor deems appropriate

For additional information and to schedule a Probate proceeding please call.
OFFICE: 931-684-1672
FAX: 931-680-0114

Please Note:

  • Prior to the hearing all common form petitions to be heard must be accompanied by our "Probate Information Sheet" along with a copy of the will to be probates (if applicable), and any other affidavits, waivers, and or proposed exhibits. If a surety bond is required the Clerk & Master will determine the amount and a bond must be on file with the Clerk & Master's offices before Letters are granted.
  • For Small Estate Affidavits that have not been prepared and filed by an attorney the Affiant must fill out a "Small Estate Affidavit Form" and turn it into our office.

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